The T-MOSAiC permafrost thaw action group covers the urgent need for standardized monitoring of permafrost thaw, as well as for collecting baseline information. Permafrost thaw is in linked to different spheres such as vegetation, snow, soil and hydrology. No protocol existed so far to capture the interactions between those spheres in alinked manner.

The program covers recent changes in circum-arctic permafrost thaw as well as the changes of the interacting parameters.

We made our protocol from scratch without any funding. The myThaw app was financed through the Alfred-Wegener-Institute and the website development was funded by the Norwegian PRISM. We reach out to station mostly via the INTERACT network.

The permafrost action group is led by the four scientists introduced on this webpage: Prof. Dr. Julia Boike, Dr. Sarah Chadburn, Dr. Simon Zwieback and Julia Martin. The data flow and base is managed by Norbert Anselm. The myThaw app was developed based on the scientific paper. The myThaw app and the website were set up by LIPA Digital Labs GmbH, Potsdam.

Please use the contact formular. If you want to contribute data simply download our myThaw app.